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2015 Spelling Bee and Maths Masters

​Year 4 Maths Master Finalists

​Last week BISS held our annual Spelling Bee and Maths Masters Finals.

While Spelling Bee ran with its tried and true formula of individual class participants, Maths Master ran with a new team format this year allowing students to work together and offer each other support.

A big thank you to our amazing dedicated staff for such excellent preparation and organisation. 


Congratulations to all our participants from Prep to Year 6.  It was an impressive display of the awesome talent we have here at Bribie Island State School.

Prep 1-    Zoe Brooks, John-Henry McErlane, Isabella Rees – Yr Level Champions
Prep 2 –  Xavier-Jay Edwards, Eva Wendland, Shylah Meineke
Prep 3 –  Tyran Aczel, Kaine Tomkinson, Riley Newman

Prep 4 – Shae-Lee Jelsma, Leo Bennett, Evan Huntley

Year 1
1a – Molly Adams, Alexander Hristov, Shakira O’Brien,
1b – Vrinda Tandon, Aaria-Rose Bray, Summer White
1c –- Kezia Willis, Brock Smith, Azari Higgins,

1d – Tekaiya Macey, Jackson Roebuck, Tom Dawson – Yr Level Champions

Year 2
2a – Marley Baker, Xander Tebbutt, James Brewster – Yr Level Champions
2b – Cayden Crouch, Cooper Maher, Kenzi Nicholson
2c – Kadisha Beetson, Hudson Newman, Kody Apps
2d – Kiandra Haas, Darcie Carr, Abby Bonell
Year 3
3a – Amaya Lew, Amelia Cassidy, Chontae Barnes – Yr Level Champions
3b – Phoebe Reilly, Lachlan Weatherby, Coco Thornton-Moebus
3c – Xavier Friend, Georgia Butler, Anjolee Lobegeier
3d – Kase McLaren-Thelning, Taliyah Glasgow , Kya Dulhunty, Tyler James
Year 4
4a – Hope Daunt, Scarlett Randall, Charlie Diamond-Griffin- Misa Hayward, Hayley King
4b – Keity Turpin, Lydia Pain, Fynn Moller-Cole
4c – Danielle Rub, Rose Howden, Chloe Woods
4d – Aanavi Raj, Noah Johannessen, Angus Bell – Yr Level Champions
Year 5
5a – Savannah Futrill, Nicholas Bond, Aiden Pettigrew – Yr Level Champions
5b - Isabella Carne, Jazmine Gardner, Joanna Yu
5c – Ella McKay, Jake Davie, Bobby Brinin
5d – Kyan McDonnell, Kris Newburn, Ben Roebuck – Yr Level Champions
Year 6
6a – Noel Hudson-Bradby, April Braiden, Aidan Pain
6b –Jessica Porter, Nevada Schroeder, Matthew Hudson-Bradby,

6c – Helena Gobbo, Lilian Greenwood, Jasmine Gulwell – Yr Level Champions