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Welcome to OSCA

​OSCA in his new environment
Over the school break OSCA was delivered and is now settling into his position in the BISS Enrichment Garden, with special thanks to the Bribie Island Bowls Club for supplying a forklift and driver to get OSCA off the truck.  Also, special thanks to the team at Worms Downunder ( for inventing and building him.
OSCA stands for: On Site Composting Apparatus.  In other words, everything that can be composted does not leave the site of the school, it can now be composted on the school site.  
The amount of food waste potentially diverted from landfill at our school is about 800-1000L per week, or one and a third rubbish trucks full per year!  Already we are diverting about 3 rubbish trucks of waste per year from landfill through our recycling program.  Organic (any living or once living matter) material is an extremely valuable resource that generally goes to waste.  The rich, quality compost will be excellent for growing vegetables and other plants, so we have established the BISS Enrichment Garden Group to utilise this resource. 
One contribution parents/careers can make is to ensure there is minimal plastic being used in lunches.  If you buy paper bags, like the tuckshop bags, they are cheaper than ziplock bags, can be composted in OSCA and help SAVE THE PLANET!  Everybody wins!   
Also students will be educated on food waste.  They will actually see how much is being wasted by not eating all their lunch which parents/carers use time, money and effort to make!

Keep an eye and ear out for regular BISS Enrichment Garden Updates, in the newsletter and on Facebook.