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Bribie Island State School provides An Enriched Education for ALL students.  We cater for our students by acknowledging that there are differences in learning styles, backgrounds, needs and motivation.  We treat students accordingly by modifying tasks, content and method of instruction to ensure all students can access the curriculum in a way that is meaningful for them. With the advent of ever-changing technology and therefore changes in the world of work and life – students need opportunities to develop their strengths and skills in a number of ways. A differentiated, inclusive education is the key.
As part of our ongoing commitment to providing these authentic opportunities, we dedicate four complete Enrichment Days each year – one per term, ensuring a well-balanced approach to learning and catering for individual learning styles. These days have proven to be an overwhelming success with students, staff and parents providing positive feedback.
Our framework is guided by Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Model which ensures students are placed into activities according to their strengths.
“An intelligence is the ability to solve problems, or to create products, that are valued within
one or more cultural settings.”
-- Howard Gardner
Allowing the children to participate in these types of activities is definitely beneficial.  Long may they continue!    
 A great job done with this day.  All kids were happy and excited about their activities.
My son came home Wednesday afternoon raving about what he had done for the day! It was a great success.
She absolutely loved the Enrichment Day and was very excited when I picked her up on Wednesday afternoon.  She was eager to tell me about what she did.  She showed us her book she made all about Cheerleading and read each page to us.
 My daughter was eager to attend, especially on this day.  She thoroughly enjoyed and openly, proudly spoke of what she learnt.  I would support these activities as my daughter took away a smile and positives. Thank you.
 My son came home with his tower and talked for over twenty minutes about what he did, what he learnt.  This prompted further learning opportunities and research/discussion.
My daughter was able to rattle off many facts about board games – made me feel like she enjoyed the learning experience.
My children had a sense of excitement leading up to the day.
Most certainly satisfied with the educational benefits of this day.
My daughter did the Fitness Circuit and enjoyed it.
My child enjoyed the activities and the learning side of it.
She loved it!  She was really looking forward to the day and was really excited, telling me about it in the afternoon.  Thank you!
This was a fantastic day, thank you!
Both of my children enjoyed the day, I feel it was a great break from the classroom.
My child loved it!
She came back from debating very proud and happy.
 My child would definitely like to be involved in future days (debating).
We spoke about and had a countdown to the day.
My child enjoyed recognising birds and leaf painting.
I was impressed when my child spoke about different species of birds and trees.
My child was excited about this day and totally enjoyed it.
Both children were raving about their day.
Fantastic idea!
The activities were challenging and really fun.
All the activities were well planned and fun.
My child thoroughly enjoyed her Enrichment Day and can’t wait until the next one.
Didn’t want to do what she was selected for but had a great time and learned a lot!!
My son enjoyed his day.
My daughter loved the program and is still talking about it and showing me all the moves.  I really loved the little booklet that she brought home with the photos.  Thank you.
My son would love to do cricket every Wednesday.
My child got to make friends with kids of different ages.
The artwork that my child did looks great.  I’m framing it!
My child had a great day!
My child was keen to participate.
AFL QLD did a great job with the girls!